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Eclipse Plugin: Q-U-I-G-E-N

News and Changes:

01.09.2004: New version 0.2-1 released

  • Created the plugin UpdateSite

  • OutputView
    • replaced by the standard Eclipse Console

  • Debugging
    • Inspect an expression
    • Temporary variables are displayed in the context view after generation run

  • SmartContentAssist
    • Fast-Access to XML-Contents (via proposed XPath expressions)
    • Fast-Access to Map-contents
    • Getter Methods are invoked to get their Values
    • Array-Contents are reflected

  • EclipseUtil added to initial context. Initially it delivers access to:
    • Workspace
    • Workbench

  • Created a Quigen development perspective

  • An additionally added JavaClass (AdditionalContextEntry) contains now the following Models
    • $javaclass.value - Object Instance (Created with Default Constructor)
    • $javaclass.source - SourceCode as text

  • Changes on ContentAssistant
    • Proposals sorted
    • Some Bugfixes
    • Parameters in JavaMethods lost their packagename
    • Get a look inside XML-Structures and Properties or Maps
    • Support for temporary and variables inside of #foreach-loops

  • Added other Utils to the initial context: Velocity GenericTools, JXPath, JavaUtil, RegexUtil (see Documentation)
    Facility to add AdditionalContextEntries dynamically (from within the template)

  • Used the plugin, created some Sample-Templates, checked in: Folder templates

  • Extended the CodeAssistant: Support for XML-Input, Properties and Maps

  • The TemplateManager is deprecated. It's not handy enough.
    ContextInfos and other template properties are bound as PersistentProperties directly at the resource

29.06.2004: New version 0.1-3 released

  • Perspective, ContextDetailView, TemplateManager

  • Velocity Editor Plugin integrated and extended by some features in code assisting

  • Basic plugin for Eclipse 3.0

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